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Shane Ettestad, Co-founder & CEO , HomeKey SystemsShane Ettestad, Co-founder & CEO

"Managing a home has never been easier!"

Homeownership is the biggest investment most people make in their lifetime. Yet, many homeowners don’t properly maintain their homes because they are too busy, cannot locate the information they need or simply don’t know how.

To help homeowners simplify management of their homes, Arizona-based HomeKey Systems, Inc has developed an easy-to-use mobile app that eliminates the guesswork, puts maintenance on autopilot, and provides instant access to the information whenever and wherever they need. “When we created HomeKey, we did so as frustrated homeowners,” says Shane Ettestad, Cofounder and CEO. “We knew that there had to be an easier way to know exactly what was in our homes, and how to better maintain them.”

HomeKey is an intelligent home experience. “We are not a smart-home device. We don’t control things in the home like temperature or unlock and lock doors. Those solutions really are not that smart. Each smart device generally only handles one small piece of a home. HomeKey’s KeyCode (think of it as a digital VIN for a home), is permanently installed in each home, and comes pre-loaded with just about every detail of the home, ranging from paint colors, to appliances, to fixtures and flooring, to user guides and warranties, which empowers homeowners and reduces headaches,” says Ettestad.
A HomeKey home, once activated, provides each homeowner with 300+ details about their home, and a home-specific, annual maintenance plan. The app educates and guides the homeowner on how to properly maintain their home. Monthly to-do’s with reminders and “SmartShop” featuring parts and care products are integrated to buy from Amazon.

Ettestad further points out that most buyers of newly constructed homes are currently provided an archaic three-ring binder or web portal, which contains some of the important information about the home - but do not have the level of detail the HomeKey app does. This binder is frequently opened during the new home walkthrough and then tossed into a closet. So, when questions about their home arise, homeowners immediately pick up the phone and call the home builder's support lines rather than referring to the binder or remembering the portal url and login. The HomeKey app uses modern technologies to remind homeowners and keep them engaged such as SMS, device and in-app notifications, thus reducing the load on customer service teams and making homeowners happier.

HomeKey also creates real value for homeowners. Did you know that you can extend the life of your water heater by draining it annually? Whether it’s a modern tankless water heater or a traditional 50 gallon - they both need annual maintenance, which HomeKey notifies them of. How about paint? Paint is a big pain point for homeowners. HomeKey tracks the brand and sheen in addition to the color swatch so that homeowners can perform touch-ups without worry. When homeowners paint a room, add a water softener or a pool to their backyard, all details are easily able to update in the HomeKey app - which begins to create a home’s history.

As a result, when a home is sold, the scannable KeyCode allows the new homeowner to have access to all of the home’s details and historical record of the maintenance - from the beginning, like a Carfax, but for the home. These details are available to every homeowner, and those that help care for the home, for the life of the home.

Ettestad is optimistic about future developments in the coming year as they expand regionally and nationally with major home builders. Currently HomeKey is expanding throughout Arizona and Georgia, with near-term plans for installs in Texas, Florida and California. From a product perspective, HomeKey will integrate voice technology to make the systems even simpler, allowing homeowners to make requests through Alexa and buy their desired products or coordinate maintenance with home service professionals.

HomeKey Systems

Phoenix, AZ

Shane Ettestad, Co-founder & CEO

HomeKey Systems is redefining the home experience for owners by collaborating with new home builders to create a house-specific maintenance plan that leverages all of the information available about the homes once the appliances have been installed. With an objective to empower homeowners with information pertaining to the house, HomeKey tracks a list of items in a standard new house to create comprehensive data, encompassing paint colors, fixtures, appliances, warranties, manuals, parts, and clean care items available to the owner. Additionally, HomeKey educates and shows homeowners what they need to accomplish each month through monthly to-do lists and reminders

HomeKey Systems

"HomeKey’s KeyCode is permanently installed in each home, and comes pre-loaded with just about every detail of the home, which empowers homeowners and reduces headaches"

- Shane Ettestad, Co-founder & CEO